The MSC: Marikina Sports Center Reviews

Lot of my blog posts here were (and going to be) the Marikina Sport Center’s Schedule of Activities. Why? It’s a public service, just deal with it! Just kidding, I just do it to avoid bumming the inner “active” side of me (Hahah).

  • Around the last bit of December 2015, I went to Marikina Sports Center to satisfy my itchy feet to run (Hahah) and guess what? It’s closed! Not the closed-gate kind but they have another activity on going at the oval so that lead me going home with a crying heart. Sadnu?

So to avoid “again” that heartbroken feeling, I just decided to take note of their Schedules. It helped me a lot specially having these impulsive running feet (Hahah) which leads to posting the MSC’s Schedule in this blog. I really don’t know if some of my friends (if there are any) are benefiting from this, but I am! Hope this would help them too! Again, this is a Public Service, just get on with it.

Another reason is, I just love the Marikina Sports Center. Yes! First the oval, second the gym, their lockers, the staff and many more! Luckily, MSC is just a 2km-ish away from where I work and I live 4km-ish away from my work so doing the math just give me 6km-ish, let’s say 7km away from home. If I run back and forth, a sweet and quick 14km to log on my strava! But I won’t do that. I won’t run going there just to run (again) for my training. Hahah!

Aside to MSC’s well-lit oval track, it’s also rubber cushioned! Yes, you’ll love running to it especially if you are a beginner (just like me!). Upon spending some practice runs on this rubberized track, it helped me realize what to look for in running shoes and what kind of foot strike I’m using. Foot Analysis

  • I first ran using my world balance “generic” shoes and luckily it served me just fine. The rubberized oval lessen the damage my knees gonna experience compared running to a pavement / road / the asphalt, etc. Running on a rubberized track has been my “make or break” decision about running. Running on a rubberized track feels good but the real deal is running on the roads! Especially on fun run(s), it composed of different hardness of pavement (depende sa budget nung Gobyerno daw!) but you will not encounter any rubberized segment to any fun runs. Pramis!




This building is where the fun starts. Technically, before you can run on track, you will need to pay an entrance fee of P10 (yes ten petot lang, Takbo all you can na!) on this building’s first floor. Comfort rooms, locker rooms, information area, payment, reservations, etc are here too!

What I personally like on this building is their reception area. Set of chairs and a television –the right combination to take a rest especially if you’re waiting for your friends to arrive or just getting ready. I can spend two hours just sitting there if I’m on a lazy ass. They’re on local channel so you can watch your favorite teleserye before/after you sweat. Its Free!


The 2nd floor is the Pool area. I’m not the swimmer type so the time(s) I’m here is just to check out my tri-athlete friend Faye. She posted her feels about the pool here, just check it out!
Just skip the pool during their cleaning day – Monday it is! They also have separate shower and locker for swimmers and that is included in the P50 swimming fee. Their AM operating hours from 8:00am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 4:30 for PM sessions. They’re also offering Summer Night Swimming, 6:00pm to 9:30pm until May 2016 for P60.


Olympic Size Pool of MSC

What’s in the 3rd floor? I don’t know. It’s just an open floor ideally for Sumba classes or Taekwondo trainings. I occasionally hear zumba “songs” from there when I’m on the first floor but I’ve never seen anyone using that floor whenever I passed on the 3rd floor. Just a plain lights-off room with open windows. Kind of scary, actually.


PhotoGrid_1459095334492On the 4th floor is the Gym! Yay! I just have my first Monthly here since the last week of March, as of now, I think its great! The MSC gym is more spacious and well lit than my previous gym but their plates and bar are limited. They only have 3 bars, and their plates are just right for the bars. I always arrive there after rushing from work at around 7pm but that’s also the same timeline of my other “workoutmates” so I don’t have a choice but to wait for them to finish their program or to go at the oval first and run a distance. Yes, that’s the best part of being in a sports Center, you have nothing to worry about what to do, just do everything!

  • Additional P10 for water all you can – another thing I miss from my previous gym. I have to bring 1Liter of water simply because I don’t want to pay P10 everyday thus a total of P200/month. Gah!
  • The changing area for your clothes is at the first floor and you have to pay P2 for it.
  • During the peak hours, the MSC gym is not capable of catering more than 15-20pax, since a lot of people are just waiting for one another to finish their program. It will surely lead you resting more than you’re supposed to thus making your program less effective. See also my gym buddy’s post here.
  • In using the treadmill, you have to pay P10/30 minutes Or just go down at the Oval and run for free! Just don’t forget to get your MSC stamp from the guard.I don’t usually interact with ladies at the gym especially if they’re the type of posing ka-bebehan at the side. I like those who can grab a dumbbells and do some lifts. I once witnessed this girl who lifts there one Wednesday night (my Wednesday is Running Day) so it’s my first time seeing her there. I was amazed! Probably I’ll have someone to talk to during the workout. I’ll approach her the next time we have a quick encounter. 🙂

Aside working out at night after work, there are also times I do my lifts during a day. The first Tuesday of the month and a rest day Sunday, I visit there at around 3pm and that’s an ideal time for me to fully enjoy the gym in supersets! Yay!


So basically, that’s it. It’s the simple things that can make me Happy!
If you’re a #KidsOfMarikina too, See you there! If not (like me) , you can just visit anytime of the day!



  • MSC updates their Activity(ies) Board weekly.
  • Their oval is roughly 400m – measured from my Strava
  • Just search and/or follow these hashtags:
    #KidsofMarikina #GirlsWhoTakbo #BoysWhoTakbo #GirlsWhoBuhat #BoysWhoBuhat
  • Bring your own padlock, the MSC has a lot of lockers, you are never gonna run out of it! If you don’t have one, Just pay P20 rental fee for it.
  • You can run at the Oval anytime, its open 24 hours. I personally like running at aroung 8-10pm, its past the rush hour of other runners.
  • Having the MSC near the City Hall, a Hospital, I will say that this is a safe city. Not to mention their bike and pedestrian friendly posts!
  • I’m not on a foodie mode right after my workout but there’s a lot of decent Food chains around the MSC, I recommend the nearest one, Rodick’s! It’s just across the entrence, about 100-150m . Pares are also around there too, tusok tusok, etcetera. Taho vendors are present outside the gate.
  • Bike parking are also available inside their premises, just leave your ID in exchange for a number of the parking space. It’s Free!




Digital Clock


Bike Parking


gym buddy


Hike for a Cause Organizers: Mt.Batulao April 9 ,2016


Triathlete Friend – Faye



Jairus enjoying his Deadlifts


DGA Department




Rosnof on the Track







Sometimes you won’t have a choice but to #ExceedYourself – Rosnof


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  1. Wow, what a very informative post! The third floor is for martial arts sessions like arnis and Brazilian jiu jitsu. See you at the place! I love MSC!

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