LIFE IN A SHIELD | Anong Ambag Mo?| A follow up blog to my Break-up Letter

” Bumili kana kasi ng bago “

These are the same exact words I always hear whenever someone noticed that my face shield is full of scratches.

Year 2020 really hits all of us differently, hard and BRUTAL! The reality of it is that all of us across all generations – young, adult, poor, wealthy, student, workforce, and front liners are experiencing this different level of stress.

Lockdowns and re-lockdowns are everywhere, no one can verify until how long will the fight for this Pandemic COVID-19 will go on, 3years? 5 years? 10years? 20 years?

Oh, by the way, as we close the year 2020, we are also reaching its first year anniversary. What are your thoughts about it?

Alongside with our PANDEMIC fight and social distancing, wearing of the combo: facemask and face shields is a must if ever you need to go outside (Please don’t, yet)

I’ve been working at the office (yes, not WFH!) since JUNE 2020. And as I get back on my work routine slowly, I also adjusted myself on the use of facemasks and face shields.

First, familiarization of wearing a facemask! Honestly, this is not a big adjustment for me, ever since I got my first bike and been on a bike-to-work mode since 2014. *wearing of facemask since ’14* really makes no difference today. I opted to use washable fabric face mask. Second, what hits different for me is the wearing of face shield, that plastic-thingy must be worn in every public (also some private) places.

Almost more than a year ago, I did a personal pledge – a breakup letter – to minimize my single-use plastic consumption on our lovely EARTH. I was happy with my personal campaign until wearing of face shield is mandatory.


But who cares about how I feel, right? Anyway, I also don’t have much of a choice either. The way I see it, face shield is the most effective in isolating one’s breath and saliva on spreading the virus. Oh, face shield also can guard yourself on touching anything within your face. This is a good and heavy point!

The main point of why I find it hard to wear a FACE SHIELD is that I worry about the PLASTIC material itself. PLASTIC! PLASTIC! PLASTIC! As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been on this personal pledge to lessen my single-use plastic consumption, but I guess this really is unavoidable.

What I decided to do is simply to prolong the use of a face shield.

Ever since our office resumed last JUNE 2020, I only used 3 face shields until today of this writing (NOVEMBER 2020). I took care of the face shield I used just to stretch out its longevity – thus, minimizing my plastic consumption. I always wear my face shield outdoor and keep it on the safe place whenever I’m indoors.

I’m also not in dire need of clear face shield in a sense that my job is not dependent on how clear is my vision thru my face shield. Hmm, you know the gist of it. So, until my vision is not blinded by the face shield I’m currently wearing, I’m still gonna use it.

But I’m more surprised that there are people who really are bothered of my face shield, huh. Whenever I go outside, people keep staring at me [ at my face shield, lol ], also some officemates saying words “BUMILI KANA KASI NG BAGO” or “AYAW MO BANG PALITAN YAN?” Again, as long as I’m not blinded by my smeared face shield, I don’t care! My self drive towards lesser plastic consumption is stronger than your scrutinizing and judging eyes.


Maybe I’m not the only one with this on mind, there are also people who are concern on this plastic consumption about the face shields. So the next time you see someone with their face shield that is full of scratches/abrasion, before asking them AYAW MO BA PALITAN YAN ask yourself first:

ANONG AMBAG KO? in keeping mother earth of the plastic waste amidst our fight on this Pandemic.


  • Leave a different face shield on your car and for your office use – this will greatly help minimize your consumption.
  • Wear the facemask and face shield combo!
  • Social distancing!
  • Take a shower right away when you arrived at home.
  • Get plenty of sleep and take some vitamins.
  • DO YOUR LAUNDRY DAILY! Avoid repeating of clothes!
  • If you go outside frequently (like me), isolate your utensils and dishes at home!
  • write your feelings on a notebook / blog. Don’t let it bottle up inside you.


If not taken care of. these waste will be nightmare, soon. – rosnof


ROAD TO PECE: ECE License renewal 2020 – 20CPD pts

To be honest, as per IECEP, a minimum of 15CPDs are required to renew your ECE license if the expiration covers the date until December 2020. YES – facts! 

You probably somewhat read / heard that license renewal won’t be needing the whole 45CPDs – that you can renew with your current points and just carry over on the next renewal the balance out of 45CPD, right? Yes, that was the case way back 2018-ish, now they (PRC) are accepting at least 15CPDs without carrying over anything on your next renewal.

69th AGM - IECEP

So my license expired last January 2020, but I got my license renewed this March 2020. I recently attended the 69TH AGM held at Quezon City last November 28-30, 2019 on where I got my recent CPD – 20points.



This was my second time renewing my license (Here is my first license renewal last 2017) which means I’m already into my 6th deep year of practicing Electronics Engineer. And what excites me more is the fact that I only have 1 year left for me to be be eligible/qualified to apply as Professional Electronics Engineer. *cross fingers*


If we are on the same boat – ROAD TO PECE and you need to renew your license this 2020, please read and note of the things below.


First make sure you have the following:

  • PRC online profile account PRC PORTAL
    • I had my PRC profile since I graduated. Some of their processes back then can already be settled online. But this time, the PRC website itself requested to make a new account. I made my new account last December 2019.
  • IECEP online profile account  My IECEP PORTAL
    • This is pretty understandable if you’re a member of IECEP, their portal makes it easier to track the available incoming seminars. IECEP also uploads your certificate at the portal right after the seminar you attended.
  • Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) – issued by the org IECEP
    • Original with dry seal COGS will be given upon MEMBERSHIP renewal.
  • Cash for renewal (PRC & IECEP)
    • P1300 membership renewal for IECEP with 3 years validity and Membership ID
    • P450 (can’t remember the exact amount) for PRC license payment with 3 years validity. I settled my PRC payment via PAYMAYA mobile App
    • Few Pesos as an additional fee for online transaction – this depends on which bank or service you use. I paid using PAYMAYA, I have additional ~P40 though
  • 2×2 ID picture white background (I think we all know what is this by now)



First, you gotta secure an appointment to PRC (branch of your choosing), that exact date will be the day you are going to claim the ID. Mind you, I did my PRC online profile last December 7, 2019 and there is no slots available anymore. I checked this everyday for the rest of  the month of December but of no luck.


At this time, I was also hesitant to make an appointment since that time, I haven’t got my COGS from IECEP yet. And since its already Christmas season, I decided to do the rest on January 2020. 

Then, I processed my COGS last January 2020 (4th week of January – my license was already expired by this point). I visited the IECEP office at Mandaluyong and just renewed my membership.  After I got my COGS, that’s the time where I full-heartedly decided to schedule an appointment. I logged in at PRC website right away and the next available schedule was already March 2020. You may wanna take note of the ~5-week allowance, HAHAH!

I was able to secure an appointment by the first week of March 2020. And luckily they have this Payment option to settle via mobile App. The last time I renewed I settled the payment via BPI mobile App but now I opted for the PAYMAYA App (so that I could also get PAYMAYA pts) and VOILA! All is set.



The last remaining thing to do is to show up on your appointment with your:

  • Original and Photocopy of COGS
  • At least 1 IECEP seminar (with printed CPD on it) – Original and Photocopy
  • 2×2 Picture
  • Photocopy of expired PRC License
    • this is not needed but I still brought it


Personal Notes:

  • My renewal technically is out of date! What I did here is to secure first my COGS because I worry too much of the CPD points, if the 45CPD will be implemented and that time of December 2020, I only got 39CPDs – meaning I still lack some points. That is why I needed to attend first the November 2019 AGM and proceed to renewal process by December which unluckily has no more slots.
  • When I renewed my IECEP membership last February, they haven’t issued the plastic card (IECEP i.d.) itself. Until now (April 2020) I haven’t got my ID.
  • You may schedule an appointment first at PRC portal since the scheduling has 6-week difference. The COGS can easily be issued by IECEP anytime of the week. 
  • Show up on your exact date. Though they consider the time to be as a whole day, it is better to come early since there’s a lot of professionals. You may wanna leave a day work for this just in case there’ll be problem during the process. I finished my application in the afternoon. It was really a smooth transaction
  • Renewal Process is literally an ONLINE PROCESS. You really need to sign up for the PRC and IECEP portal and make a good profile.



Since you already read this far, I would just like to take this opportunity to put up myself out there. I’m an Electronics Engineer and a proud product of Mapua University. I got my first  job (and still my current job) as Research and Development Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics industry – household and kitchen appliances.

And having a year round just before I apply as a Professional Electronics Engineer, I would like to be a part of a project on where I can exhibit my expertise. I am willing offer 1 time project – FOR FREE! That is whether a  write-up, a power point presentation, be a delegate, technical adviser or any applicable collaborative activity on which won’t jeopardize my current employment, ofc.

Anyway, you may reach me at my personal e-mail, or leave a comment below or see My LinkedIn Profile to widen our connections.


If a problem presents itself, the most and the basic thing we must do is to find solutions. -rosnof


A Tough Cookie: 10 Years in the baking

The month of July 2018 has always been special to me because this marks the 10 year future I envisioned way back 2008.

So what really happened back on July 2008?

July 2008 had been our first term of our fresh year in College (Hi Batchmates!!). Meaning, the end of pabebe days and the start of developing our mindset towards the workplace. Just like all of the subjects (especially SLHS), they always starts with a written Vision of yourself 10 years from now. Sucks right? Yung wala ka pa sa mood mag aral pero ang tanungan ay pang future! It’s typically the:

“How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

The things is, I wrote a lot! “I wanted to be this, to be there, having these, etcetera..” but as I am now in 2018, looking back to all the things I wrote down my paper(s), I haven’t been at least at 1/4-th of everything I listed down. Do I feel sulky? Hell no! Why should I? I am not where I visioned myself before but I am in a position where the least I expect it.

Anyhow, the main focus of this post is what would I tell the younger me from future me the habits I should’ve developed at an earlier stage of my life:

READ AND UNDERSTAND. Back then, this was my most hated thing to do but as a student, reading and understanding are the skills that most of us must embrace. There were mathematical problems that composed of 3-5 (or more) sentences for you to solve, and each sentences affects how you formulate your working equation. In the workplace, the faster you think of a solution, the better. But how can you propose a solution if you cannot read and understand what is happening around?

SET YOUR MIND THAT CLASSES ARE LIKE MEETINGS. You cannot go to your class if you’re unprepared just like in a meeting! Read in advance about your topics so that you can join the class discussion. This improved my commitment issues.

FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! This can be heard often during on an interview-phase. Just leave it there, on the INTERVIEW! Once you get hired, you don’t need to ‘pretend’ that you know everything. As a fresh graduate, your officemates will have a considerable amount of patience for you. The rest for you to do is to look for people that is In-charge ( or on top, or have more experiences) of whatever problem you are not familiar with and approach them. Just remember all their inputs and you’re ready to go. If still having problems, just approach the person in charge again. You will be surprised how people in the workplace seems to enjoy “teaching” the younger generations and the feeling of “someone’s seeking for my professional advice” also boosts their morale.

TECHNICAL WRITING. If there is reading, there should also be writing. This is again one of the over-looked skill that must be developed earlier. Of course it can be learned anytime on our career, but the earlier you do it, the better. During my sophomore days, I bought a series of books about technical writing since a lot of our subjects requires us to write our findings out of the experiments in technical writing. So, what’s the importance? You will have data or graphs on your report/presentation but what good is it if you cannot interpret it in a shortest and precise description? That is, technical writing.

Additional Non-work related Tips:

DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT. Just don’t mess around where you get your livelihoods. Our foods our sacred, where and how we get it, will surely be digested by us and our family.

FAITH>FAMILY>FITNESS>CAREER. Strengthen your faith. Protect your family. Treat your body well. Your career will follow. I think this parts differs on all of us, but this is it for me.

When your brain is overwhelmed with information, a physical movement is the best solution. Yes, go hit the pavement and run a kilometer. Your body will thank you for that.

OWN LESS OF TANGIBLE THINGS. The lesser you posses of tangible things, the lesser for you to get jealous of what others have.

Conscience is a b*tch! For a better sleep, always stick on the version of Truth. There is only one version of truth but many version of Lies.

A message for my future self: please write a more interesting experiences! I will wait for my 15th (2023) or my 20th (2028) excitedly!!


“Little in my life are the things that I like” -Rosnof

Food Processor : A must have on your Kitchen!


So, what is a Food Processor? A food processor is simply a kitchen appliance that processes food! Kidding aside, click here for wiki’s definition.

Everyday, I came across many kitchen appliances but this one makes the difference in preparing ‘your own’ meal, at least for me. Why? simply because it’s compact! With its size, you will not believe that it can perform some Mixing, Kneading, Slicing, Emulsifying, Chopping, Grating, Mincing, and many more tedious kitchen works using any other manual way! Each of the functions stated depends on the attachment or accessories of the model you chose which makes it ideal for the time-conscious millennials these days.

A typical food processor, approximate height might not exceed 50cm, it will look like this:

So the next time you swing by on your local or nearest appliances store, you might notice this small one on a side and might wanna know what its functions right? Here I posted some of the functions it can do.

On this type of food processor, the functions is dependent on the attachment it has. For example the slicing attachment where in Grating and Slicing (thin) can be done on this attachment. As seen, fineness of the sliced part of the carrots differs on different slicing attachment used. The one with holes on it can be used in grating (e.g. cheese) and the other one with a single blade make it ideal for thin slicing (e.g. mojos) or just chopping.


Slicing Discs


Next will be the Mixing. For example a Pancake batter, as based on photo below. Instead of manually mixing your basic ingredients like Powder, Eggs, and Butter, the Food Processor can mix everything well within 10seconds or less! You just have to put all the quantified ingredients inside the bowl. If you are uncertain on the ratios of your ingredients whether it can be emulsified or not, you can first start with a single ingredient then add slowly the next one so that you can track which ingredients needed some additional and which is enough.


While meat-grinding sounds like a powerful machine for meat cutting, this food processor can also be a meat grinder but let us simply call it Mincing. Mincing is chopping of ingredients in finest chop possible or up until what the user wants.

Chopped meat was feed on the bowl with the use of the slicing discs for thin slice (same on the carrots above) and then mixed inside. I placed all the other ingredients when my desired amount is met.


Slicing Blade


Food processor has many application and the limits will depend on the usage of the user. I personally advise food processor as a must-have appliance on your kitchen, it shortens the cutting, mincing and mixing of your ingredients which is the first step in cooking! Aside from those, there are many models that have Blender as their accessory, so a wider and more use of it. Yay!


Not convinced yet? Grab your own food processor and see it for yourself.





E.C.E. License Renewal – Process & Personal Experiences

What is it about license renewal? Why do we need it? Do we really need it?

After we graduate and passed the Board Exam, next is the first 3-years of our newbie “Engineer” experiences. This 3-years might be our make-it-or-break-it decision whether do we really need to re-new our license or not.

Graduation – Yay!

Board Exam – Yay!

License Renewal – Yay!

Professional E.C.E – Nay! 

Studying and passing the board exam is not that simple. Maybe some of us want to renew their license because they cherish all the hardships they encountered along the way, but aside from looking from the past, why don’t we look into the future?

Many organizations, establishments, company, etc. now is looking for P.E.C.E.s that is,  Professional Electronics Engineer. Why? It is because they are the only one who is eligible for signing the papers! Of course, legal papers concerning our profession. You may recall our beloved R.A.9292 for your reference. In order for you to be qualified to sign any legal documents, of course you must be an EXPERT that is why 7-years of continuous practice as Electronics Engineer is one of the requirements for you to be a qualified Professional Electronics Engineer – P.E.C.E.  Since the (ECE) license validity is only 3-years, you really need to re-new that license if you aim that P.E.C.E in your name.

If you also, like me, aim to have that PECE extension in your name, please feel free to be guided by these steps as I renewed my license.

For easier understanding of the flow, here’s the process flow behind:


  • License Renewal may only be transacted through P.R.C. It’s only a payment renewal of the I.D. after the COGS is issued.
  • First you must be a bonafide member of I.E.C.E.P . IECEP booths are present right away your oath taking, just be sure to carry a picture with you and application fee. If you are not yet a member, be a member! It’s a must! All Electronics Technician and Electronics Engineers must be an IECEP member. This is not the same IECEP org on your University though.
  • Basically the only thing we needed before the renewal process is the C.O.G.S. Certificate of Good Standing from our accredited organization, that is, the IECEP.
  • C.O.G.S. will just be released (by IECEP) to us, after attending their Seminars and or other’s seminars
  • If you attended Non-IECEP seminars, that’s where the bloody process begins.

My Actual Experiences:

  • I attended the IECEP’s 65th AGM 2015 and 66th AGM 2016 but my CPD points is only around 34CPD so I need to apply the remaining required points, 11CPD, as self directed. Self-directed CPD points may come from technical seminars you attended/facilitated.
  • Self-directed CPD, LEVEL1, became the most painful PAIN IN MY ASS during my process. Why? In applying of self Directed CPD, you need to follow these. STRICTLY!
    • You need to fill them. Just like a summarized version of your seminars attended/facilitated that needs to be accredited. After I accomplished my copy, I went, again, at PRC to forward these documents. To my dismay, another requirements arises!!
      • What caught me unprepared was that the attachment needed for that “SUMMARY of CPE/CPD Activities” Unfortunately it was not enough! For everyone’s convenience, each seminar needs (1)Signed Outline of the Seminar whether you conducted it or ask it from the facilitator, (2)Attendance Sheet, (3) last and a must is the Certification. Here’s a sample of mine:
      • It took me almost 1 week to finish the needed attachment on my seminars! I need to recall the attendance sheets from our HRD. I also contacted the speakers of some seminars I attended (SINCE I NEED THEIR SEMINAR OUTLINE, ATTENDANCE RECORD, ETC.!!) I went, again, at PRC to forward my completed document. I included 3 seminars and each seminar you will pay 500.00 pesos. So a total of  P1500.00 and that was November 25,2016 and I was advised that the self-accreditation will take about 30 days. That is, so I’m expecting it to be done at around December 25, 2016. Since its already the last Quarter, I did not contact them the rest of the 2016 thinking its a busy season for them. I came back, again, at PRC at around first week of January 2017. To my dismay, my “SUMMARY” has been already filled with its corresponding CPD points but there is no signature yet, in short it was still PENDING at that time. My expiration date is JANUARY 17,2017. I always made a follow up until my birthday came and still my application was not okay. First and Second week of February came and still nothing, it was around February 28,2017 I was notified that my application was already signed and I can go and claim it.
      • I was so happy since the LEVEL 1 of license renewal, after 3 MONTHS, was turned out okay. But upon arrival at PRC, my contact person there was UNFORTUNATELY out for a seminar. Her colleagues cannot find my certificates. They were throwing questions if I really got my documents signed. “YES ITS ALREADY BEEN SIGNED, AFTER 3 MONTHS!” I waited. They searched. I waited. They searched. The next thing I remember was me going home empty handed.
      • I came back at PRC around MARCH 2017 thinking “Siguro naman nandon na yung certificate.” Having 1 month time allowance after the last PAASA incident and to think I’m leaving my office for the Nth time! (Maybe my boss doubting if I really doing my renewal or applying for other company, who knows.)At last, I got them! From November 2016 up to March 2017, it was pretty clear, 4 MONTHS waiting time for my certificates to be verified and accredited. I got 40CPD points. 16CPD from seminars I attended and 24CPD from seminar I conducted. LEVEL 1 CLEARED!
      • My next step was to go to IECEP SHAW to get my COGS that exact same day [SEIZE THE DAY!] and I’m really looking forward in claiming my COGS! I traveled From PRC Manila to IECEP Shaw, to my dismay, AGAIN, the IECEP renewal I signed up for at the IECEP AGM 2016 Convention was registered to IECEP MANILA CHAPTER (which is beside PRC), so I need to travel again to Manila, Sucks right? The good thing was,  IECEP at Shaw is where the printing of IECEP Membership ID’s and my ID was not yet printed. The IECEP personnel at SHAW was so accommodating in connecting my case with IECEP Manila. LUCKILY I have my IECEP Membership Renewal Receipt that day thus I got my printed IECEP ID right there but the COGS was not released instead I settled with IECEP Manila if I can send the documents through online so the COGS can be released to me. So I send some of my accredited seminars plus the Two IECEP AGM 2015 and 2016 I attended. Since I only needed around 11CPD points, I forwarded the 16CPD Points. That solves my 45CPS requirements for the renewal. It was done and I got my COGS finally! March 24,2017.LEVEL 2 CLEARED.sllmbak
  • The actual LICENSE RENEWAL starts NOW! LEVEL 3. The License renewal now can be settled via online. Yes. They posted some notifications at the walls inside and outside PRC to make awareness of the ONLINE process and they even have Service Centers at malls! Just like LTO and DFA, right?
    • hlitriy
  • For The online process, you must have PICTURE (soft copy) and an online mode Payment. Luckily I have everything on hand. The online process was actually pretty quick ~20minutes. I have my Picture and make use of my BPI account for this. I paid P550.96 for the License renewal.
    • f47u29r
    • I booked at one of their Service Centers at Robinson’s Galleria, its closer to work than the PRC MANILA. Printed my stub and brought my COGS on my appointment date.
    • wmarpuu
    • I arrived at Galleria on my appointed date and in less than 1 hour upon my arrival, I got my Renewed License. I just logged my name on their logbook, they verified my scheduled time, payment, and picture. Then, LEVEL 3 CLEARED!

Blogger’s Notes:

  • I applied 3 seminars and paid P1500 (500.00×3) and got a total of 40CPD points. I only used 16CPD (since I only need 11). I got 24CPD points left for my next renewal. I will use it and hopefully they credit it for my next renewal, 2020, since I only used the 16CPD.
  • It is advisable to attend the IECEP AGM to avoid the hassle of  self-accrediting. The actual License renewal is online which can be accomplished within half an hour.
  • Don’t forget the picture on the online process. They strictly monitoring it. It is advisable to take a photo just like for a passport. If not, you will be rejected upon your ID claiming. You will be advised to take a photo at a studio and scan it so to avoid the hassle, just take my advice.
  • As I waited there at PRC Galleria, I’m silently thinking “Ano na naman kayang ka-hassle-an ang magaganap today!” Luckily there’s none!
  • P1300 for IECEP membership renewal (every 3 years)
  • P500/training or seminar accreditation (Mine at P1500)
  • P550 for Online License renewal process
  • You must have unlimited number of leaves!!!
  • I don’t know how other professions renewed their License. Is their any Protocol? Is the License Renewal been standardized?
  • Some says “Bayad bayad lang yan!” When I come to think between each processes I accomplished, where can it possibly make it shorter by just simply slipping some money? The PRC is so strict with the Renewal now! SERIOUSLY.

“We can’t break the rules but what will we follow if the rules does not exist?” -Rosnof

PhotoG: Happy Christening Baby Rocco!

Sunday, February 19,2017. God has given us a drizzling and Blessed day  – Christening Celebration of Baby Rocco!

The day started by attending a seminar for the baby’s Ninongs and Ninangs by the catechist. The catechist reminded everyone, including me, the importance of Christening or Baptism. Baptism symbolizes the receiving of God’s grace and freeing us out of our ancestor’s birth sins. Ninongs and Ninangs stood there to act as the God-parent of the child they were with. They were tasked in charge to remind the child that they were baptized as a Roman Catholic and must act a a living example in sigt of the child. get was when the Catechist reminded us that the Baptism Date is more important than the birth date.

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